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SMSU Alumni Association Board

The SMSU Alumni Association is guided by the work of a dedicated Board of Directors. The board promotes the social and educational interests of fellow alumni. Meetings are held three times per year. 

Neal Wahlman '75- Past President Photo
Neal Wahlman '75- Past President
Retired - Plymouth, MN
Neil Kruse '78                Photo
Neil Kruse '78
Past President
Janine Teske '87 Photo
Janine Teske '87
Polly Novack '90 Photo
Polly Novack '90
Sheila Anderson '95 Photo
Sheila Anderson '95
Board Member
Lillie Arndt '96 Photo
Lillie Arndt '96
Board Member
Mandy Bouwman '00 Photo
Mandy Bouwman '00
Board Member
Joe Guzman '12 Photo
Joe Guzman '12
Board Member
Japannah Kellogg '93 Photo
Japannah Kellogg '93
Board Member
Brittany Krull '04/'09 Photo
Brittany Krull '04/'09
Board Member
Anthony Minus '06 Photo
Anthony Minus '06
Board Member
Kim Sanow '01 Photo
Kim Sanow '01
Board Member
Julia Stuckey '15/'19 Photo
Julia Stuckey '15/'19
Board Member
Chris Volzke '05  Photo
Chris Volzke '05
Vice President
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