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SMSU License Plates

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For the application form from MnDOT, click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a collegiate license plate?

- You are publicizing SMSU wherever you drive while providing a contribution to SMSU. Anyone may purchase a collegiate license plate.

How will the money be used? 

-There is a one-time charge of $10.00 to pay manufacturing costs for the plate. A minimum $25 annual contribution goes to scholarships at SMSU.

Because the annual contribution for the collegiate plate fee is dedicated to scholarships, is my $25 tax deductible?

-Yes, if you itemize your federal tax return and list the charitable contribution. How do I order the collegiate license plate? Order forms are available from the County Deputy Registrar or, if you need a copy of the form, please call the Alumni Office.

Can I order collegiate plates out of sequence with my license expiration date?

- Yes, however it will cost less the first year if you wait to purchase SMSU plates until your current tabs or plates expire. Otherwise you will need to include the $25 contribution twice in the first year. (This is perfectly acceptable because we realize that many people will not want to wait before ordering their plates!)

When I sell or trade my vehicle, can I keep my collegiate plates for my next vehicle? 

- Yes, you may put the plates on a new vehicle. You may also transfer them to another vehicle you own if you send back your old plates and notify the Deputy Registrar. They cannot be transferred to another owner.

When I renew my vehicle registration each year, do I have to re-order my collegiate license plate in person? 

- No, renewals can be handled by mail. You will recieve notice before the expiration of your collegiate plate. Send in the annual contribution along with the notice. Then, by separate mailing, you will be sent the vehicle registration fee notice.

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