Mustang Mentorship Program - FAQ

What is the Mustang Mentoring Program?

The SMSU Alumni has partnered with Career Services providing Alumni and Students with an easy way to form rewarding, mutually beneficial relationships that advance their careers.

Why should I consider serving as a mentor?

As you grew in your career, chances are you had a mentor or someone who helped you along the way.  As a mentor, you are paying it forward and helping students launch their career.  What could be more rewarding than watching that student grow as a professional?

Why would a student want to be a mentee?

The program gives students the opportunity to form one-on-one relationships with successful alumni. Mentors provide resources, support, and tips related to job hunting and career choices. 

Is the Mentoring Program a way for students to find a job?

No. While it is a great way for students to connect with alumni for valuable career guidance and other support, it is not intended as a job search tool.  Mentors have no obligation to offer or find a job for their mentees.

How long does the program last and what is the time commitment?

The program will typically be fall and spring semester of an academic year.  If a mentor must leave the program, we understand but ask you to contact our office and let us know so that we can re-assign any students to new mentors.  How often you connect with your mentee is up to you. However, we suggest checking in (by phone or email) once per month.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

SMSU Alumni Association
Telephone: (507) 537-6266
    or      SMSU Career Services
Telephone: (507) 537-6221