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Southwest Alumni Regional Network

The Southwest Alumni Regional Network is a new initiative designed to provide regional contacts for the SMSU Alumni Association. Volunteer alumni contacts are ambassadors for Southwest Minnesota State University who are committed to supporting SMSU alumni interaction in their area. View our list of regional contacts.

Southwest Alumni Regional Network contacts are asked to:

Show enthusiasm for and support of Southwest Minnesota State University and desire to further the interests and visibility of SMSU in the community.

Assist the SMSU Alumni Association with outreach events in the alumni contact's area.

Assist the Admission Office in recruitment of students.(ie. notes or calls to admitted students, attend admission events or college fair)

Act as the point of contact for alumni, young alumni and new graduates in the area.

Join the Southwest Alumni Regional Network as an alumni contact and help connect alumni, students and communities with Southwest Minnesota State! Click here to be a part of the Southwest Alumni Regional Network.