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Mustang Traditions

The SMSU Alumni Association, partnering with SMSU Residence Life, is proud to offer a new on campus living-learning community for students. The Mustang Traditions living-learning community will promote Mustang Pride and SMSU Traditions while cultivating relationships between students and alumni by enhancing the college experience. Mustang Traditions is located in the Manchester residence hall. This living-learning community is open to students across all disciplines that are out-going, energetic and want to get involved on campus. Mustang Traditions living-learning community members are provided with a supportive environment that encourages participation in supporting intercollegiate athletics, active involvement in intramurals, and developing and enhancing SMSU traditions.

Students in Mustang Traditions:

  • Increase student loyalty and spirit for SMSU.
  • Create intramural teams within the house to stay active.
  • Energize home crowds as the official student cheer section for intercollegiate athletics.
  • Get inside knowledge on the history and traditions of SMSU that are important to the University. (Homecoming and Hawaiian night, just to name a few)
  • Have positive interactions with university faculty and staff to develop teamwork, collaboration and improve the student experience.

Requirement for Admission:

  1. Enrolled as a full time student at SMSU.
  2. Completion of the housing application.
  3. Fill out a housing application with the housing office.

Please visit the Department of Residence Life for more details.

Different from any other dorm, here are a few amenities that make Mustang Traditions so special:

  • Exclusive Spirit Lounge in Manchester, which includes Wii, Xbox, & PS2
  • New carpet, couches, and poker table
  • Outdoor games (bean bags, horseshoes, Chinese golf)
  • Brown and Gold stair wells
  • Pizza oven
  • Freezer in lobby
  • Pictures of past Traditions students and SMSU memorabilia in lobby
  • If you have any additional ideas, email us at

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jessica Bentley, Director of Residence Life (

Stacy Frost, Interim Director of Alumni (

Here are the past LLPAs of Mustang Traditions:

2021-2022: Michele Stai
2020-2021: Miriam Krause
2019-2020: Lacey Barke
2017-2019: Desiree Bauer
2016-2017: Benjamin Broze
2015-2016: Evan Bonneson

2014-2015: Erin Nelson
2013-2014: Meagan Meier
2012-2013: Kristen Ward

2011-2012: Katey Sullivan
2010-2011: Laura Johnson
2009-2010: Tegan Gullikson

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Once a Mustang, always a Mustang!

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