- 3 Days of Non-Stop Fishing! - 136 Participants! - Over 50 Random Prizes! -

If you won, please stop by the Alumni Office Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM to pick up your prize. If you are unable to make it to campus, please contact the Alumni Office by phone or email to make other arrangements.



Crappie Mark Skorczewski, 13.00"

Northern Tony Heinle, 27.50" 

Perch  Staci Bickford, 12.00" 

Sunfish  Staci Bickford, 9.50"

Walleye  Reggie Kiser, 26.25"

Any Other Fish  Ashley Swan, 29.00"


Random Giveaways

SMSU / KB's Gift Package Reggie Kiser

Northern Lights Rattle Reel Gift Package Carson Moline

$100 Escape Spa Gift Package Derek Rydberg


Wild Card Crappie
Mustang Ice Classic Branded 32" Walleye Sweetheart Cole Bassett
Vexilar FL-18 Pro Pack II  Kirk Ondracek
One (1) Day Guided Fishing Trip  Ashley Swan
The Gambler Gift Card  Karen Ringsven
Green Lighted Rattle Reel, White Fly Line, and Small Jig Box  Jared Hively 

Wild Card Northern
Mr. Heater Justin Otto

Vexilar FLX-20 Pro Pack II  Justin Ahrendt
DeWalt 20V Drill & Battery Combo  Kolby Kiser
The Gambler Gift Card  Raina Connor
Grey Lighted Rattle Reel, Pink Fly Line, and Small Jig Box  Reggie Kiser

Wild Card Perch
Mustang Ice Classic Branded 32" Perch Sweetheart  Ethan Meinert
Vexilar Fish Scout 800 IR Underwater Viewing System  David Bluff
Escape Spa Gift Card  Jennifer McGlade
The Gambler Gift Card  Halii Beilke
Non-Lighted Rattle Reel, Pink Fly Line, and Small Jig Box  Keith Heidebrink

Wild Card Sunfish
Mustang Ice Classic Branded 29" Panfish Sweetheart  Olexa Ohern
Strikemaster Floating Surface Bibs & Floating Surface Jacket Combo (XL)  Brian Ricke
DeWalt 20V Drill & Battery Combo  Sam Kerkow
The Gambler Gift Card  Rick Kobylinski
Non-Lighted Rattle Reel, Purple Fly Line, and Small Jig Box  Robert Wagner

Wild Card Walleye
Mustang Ice Classic Branded 34" Walleye Sweetheart  Brita Fricke
Clam X600 Thermal Pop-Up  Andrew Mulso
DeWalt 20V Drill & Battery Combo  Troy VanKeulen
The Gambler Gift Card  Jessica Hennen
Orange Lighted Rattle Reel and Yellow Fly Line  Mike Nybo

Wild Card Any Other Fish
Mustang Ice Classic Branded 30" Quiverstick  Chris Waldorf
Strikemaster Lite-Flite Lazer Drill Unit & Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver Kit Combo  Hailee Rydberg
The Gambler Gift Card  Derek Holmgren
Green Lighted Rattle Reel and Yellow Fly Line  Tonya Kloos
Non-Lighted Rattle Reel and Orange Fly Line  Ian Wyffels


Wild Card Picture With SMSU Apparel/Item
Extra Innings Apparel & Gift Card  Breanna Olson
DeWalt 20V Drill & Battery Combo  Bill Mulso 
Pack of Three (3) Black Fly Line and Large Jig Box  Rachel Miller
Non-Lighted Rattle Reel and Blue Fly Line  Eugene Voss

Wild Card All Registrations
Extra Innings Apparel & Gift Card  Scott Voss
Hy-Vee Gift Card  Meredith Hyatt
Orange Lighted Rattle Reel, White Fly Line, and Large Jig Box  Shane Ferrozzo
Grey Lighted Rattle Reel and Orange Fly Line  Stacie Mulso
Non-Lighted Rattle Reel and Purple Fly Line  Matt Waldorf

** 15 & Under Prizes **
All Registered Children Will Receive a Mustang Ice Classic Hat or Hi-Tech Rod and Reel At Random!



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