Join the SMSU Alumni group on LinkedIn, an online networking site that helps you find inside connections to jobs, industry experts and business partners.

Alumni and select other members of the Southwest community (including students) register directly with LinkedIn and then have access to the SMSU Alumni group. Access to the SMSU Alumni group on LinkedIn is free, completely optional, and is available only to select members of the Southwest community. Members of the group have been confirmed by Alumni Association staff as members of the Southwest community.

To accept an invitation to join the SMSU Alumni group, follow this link.

About online business networking: You can use LinkedIn, an independent commercial service, to expand and track your network in an organized and systematic way. Complete a simple profile and then use LinkedIn to connect with individuals you know who are already members. The SMSU Alumni group on LinkedIn provides an ideal starting point and becomes more useful as it grows. It will also provide you with a point of contact for individuals outside the SMSU community who are connected to your fellow Southwest members.