Mustang Pride in Amazing Places

Do you have a photo of yourself wearing your Mustang gear in an amazing place or while on an incredible adventure? If so, fill out this form. Winners will see their photo published in FOCUS and receive a $50 gift card to the SMSU Barnes & Noble Campus store. To be considered, photos must be in focus with SMSU or Mustang logo clearly visible.

Joyce Eischens ('87) shows off her Mustang Pride while visiting her niece and her husband in Hoonah, Alaska July of 2017.

Professor BC Fransons' boys, Alex and Evan, are shown at the top of the Beartooth Mountains in Montana in June.

Kristin ('05), Perry, Parker and Lexi McNeil represent SMSU in the Badlands in July 2011.

Sara (Dahl - '97) Larson is seen in the Caribbean Sea 20 miles off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico. Here she is showing off her mustang pride as she struggles to pull in a barracuda.

Dustin and Sonya Vierstraete ('01), Dean Schoolmeester ('94) & Wendy Claussen-Schoolmeester ('87 & '99) visit the San Francisco bay. 

The Bromens spent Christmas in the United Arab Emirates with their son and daughter-in-law who currently live in Abu Dhabi. Shown is Melissa, Rachel, and Brian Bromen showing their SMSU pride in the dessert of Abu Dhabi during their desert safari.

Mark ('97), Mindi ('96), Lexi, Ashton, and Tydeman Schnaser enjoy a day at the Topsail Island beach in North Carolina.